Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shae was so happy as we started out on the trip to Ohio.

And at times she was less happy :(I think it was the best when she slept (which was 7 of the 9 hours)We played outside after we got to Grandpa Keith and Mimi's so that Cadence could run off some energy after being in the car for so long. We also knew that it was going to be cold and wet the next day so we wanted to play outside as much as possible while the weather was so nice.

Cadence has completely mastered going both up and down stairs and had a blast playing on them.
Cadence loved playing with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Joe(y).
Outside on Thanksgiving helping Grandpa Keith and Daddy cook the turkey.
Mimi was making yummy sweet potatoe casserole.
Grandpa Keith was making chocolate chip cookies.

Daddy made the mashed potatoes and the gravy (but it was in a jar)

Ready to eat a yummy Thanksgiving dinner!!

We put this hat on her trying to recapture the "thanksgiving thug" but I'm not sure we got it

Maybe Agnes is a better "thug"

This was the remote for the fan in our room abd Cadence loved turning the fan off and on.


Luke & April said...

The Thanksgiving Thug returns... I Love It. I enlarged the picture of her playing in the grass to put on my computer and I saw her busted bottom lip. What happened?

chrisa4357 said...

Slang got her on the mouth, and then the next day she fell out of chair and caught herself with her face. Hence, the busted lip. It's much better now and we're considering getting her a mouth guard to help keep blood off of the carpet.

elizabeth said...

Love, love, love the blue headband!

Agnes is definitely a better "thug" - her name is Agnes for crying out loud! She's either a thug or a 70 year old woman.

I'm curious as to how much of the delicious Thanksgiving dinner she actually consumed... her miniature version of a grown-up plate filled with food cracks me up!

chrisa4357 said...

She actually ate quite a bit of her Thanksgiving meal. She loved most all of it and nearly cleaned her plate. i should have taken the "after" picture too.