Monday, November 5, 2012

A Few minutes at the Andersens'

Last Friday we were all hanging out at home and in the span of just a few minutes, lots of things fell apart. Thankfully we had the iPhone nearby and so lots of it got captured for posterity's sake ;)

This VIDEO goes before the pictures so watch it first!

These pictures are the clean up of the mess. And yes, Caleb had taken everything out of his and Creed's drawers and yes, he did put it all back!

 Dumping in all into a pile so that Mommy could fold it all and he could put it away. 


Tricia said...

CRAZY!! :)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

never. a. dull. moment

My question is what was the lovely background music (sounded like guitar?) you had playing and where was THAT coming from?!?

chrisa4357 said...

Ha Liz! It's Chris playing the ukulele while we recorded the other chaos. Because that seems like a normal thing to do. Right?