Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chimney Rock

In keeping with this fall season, we wanted to take the kids to the mountains to see the leaves changing. So, in our family day, we loaded up and headed west :) we had decided to go to Chimney Rock because it wasn't super far away and it had a waterfall to hike to, the elevator up to the top of chimney rock, along with some kid stuff to do. So, off we went!
The nice lady that took our money to get in told us there was a huge school group at the kids area so we should probably start at the waterfall. Thankful for the advice, we drove to the parking lot way up the mountain, unloaded all the kids and started towards the waterfall. After our last waterfall hike with our small group, we figured this 1.5 mile trek would be much easier......

Cadence had a great attitude the entire day. We are so thankful for this girl!

and so we were off!! I forgot the wrap to hold the baby so I got to carry him instead :)

Caleb was NOT excited about our hike! We later pieced together that he was scared. We had been listening to Bob and Larry and had been singing "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" and since we were on a mountain, he thought we would run into a bear! And he didn't want to :(

and here's the waterfall! a 400 ft drop from a spring at the top of this rock. It was pretty amazing!

a much needed snack break before the trek back down

 Trying to get a decent picture of all 4 kids - not great but the best we could do :)

Once we went up the elevator that was built into the mountain back in like the 20's (why we didn't get a picture of that is beyond me)  we were at the higher part where Chimney Rock juts out of the side of the mountain. There were these 3 hawks flying around and as much as I don't like birds, they were pretty amazing against a Carolina Blue sky. 

On Chimney Rock

 The boys started getting brave and it was freaking me out! and we met up with the school that was a little stressful

 Creed practicing being a Tiger - he is very scary!

 looking over the edge of a cliff over 2400 ft high. I was very grateful for the rails!

 and the view was totally worth it! Looking over the smokies at Lake Lure on a clear day. I had hoped for more color, but it was still a beautiful day. There are still days that I can't believe that we live in a place this beautiful with seasons and everything. I am grateful that we can still stand in awe of our Creator because of the creation that shouts his praise. 

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

You are a blogging machine. I should really publish those 2 posts I wrote last weekend!

1. Cadence without teeth is precious.

2. Caleb has the cutest "cry face" of anyone I know.

3. Creed being the tiger needs to be in a frame. Such a cute picture.

4. So fun that you had a family day together. So not fun that you forgot the wrap for the baby.

5. I'm happy for you that you live close to cool stuff like this!

6. I'm also happy that you have such a nice camera because I love looking at all your photos.;)