Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dad is Great!!

Earlier in October I (Ashleigh) went to FL with Cadence, baby Shaun, and Jane - my niece. We went down to go camping for a few days with Aprils church at Ft Wilderness. And while we had a great time, we took no pictures :(  Thankfully Daddy, in NC with the boys, took some pictures. We are so blessed to have some great childrens museums in the area and on this week, Chris took the boys to one of them!  They had a great time - such a great time that he bought a family membership to it :) 

So, while I have no idea of what the pictures are about, the boys do look like they're having fun!  So, just enjoy them like I did :)

PS the strangest part of this post to me is that Creed has a pirate eye patch around his neck in every picture! I'm assuming it came from home and he wore it the whole time, but who knows.....either way it made me laugh when I saw it!

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Chris is such a fun dad! I love Caleb's expression in the picture with the hat. And Creed with that banana is Adorable - with a capital A. The eye patch just adds to his charm. ;)