Friday, April 20, 2012

Sight-seeing day 2 in Prague!

Prague is such a great city with such eclectic stuff to see!  From a  park by the castle to super-old buildings to very modern graffiti, it's a bizarre city. :)  So, after spending lots of time at the park (see previous post) we headed out to see other cool stuff. 

The National Gallery. The gold on top of it was amazing and brilliant compared to all the copper turned green. 

These were some of the designs on the light posts that lined the Charles Bridge. It was interesting that they depicted the working class - an obvious throwback to communism. 

Really old Toilet!

This building is part of the castle complex (which will be another post) but the walls of it were amazing because they had this really cool 3D affect. Chris inspected closer and it was really interesting to see that they were actually carved out to help create the affect. This was no small building so to think of the work that went into it was really mind-blowing!

One of the smallest roads in the world!
It just dead ended into this restaurant on the river.  

This whole lock thing is a bigger deal in Italy at one of the places that Liz and Shannon have been to but this was the Prague version :)  You're supposed to put a lock to symbolize your love for someone or something like that. 

Speaking of love, the Lennon Tribute wall was amazing!!

I mean come on, who would't want to go to this museum!
Walking thru on of the markets, there was a stage and this band started playing. They were really good! We couldn't understand most of what they said - not speaking Czech and all - but enjoyed the music and how eclectic they looked and sounded. It's not everyday that a lead singer can pull off playing the recorder :) 

The painting on this building has something to do with King Wenceslas and how he is going to come back and save the people of the Czech Republic from invaders that would destroy their nation. Obviously it didn't really work out so well for them when the Communists took over - but we'll let them keep hoping in Good King Wenceslas regardless :)

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Elizabeth said...

1. I love that you put a picture of the guy playing the recorder.

2. You had it right in a previous post, but the gold topped building (pic #2) is the National Theater. :)

3. I think I'm going to print the pic of you and Chris with the castle in the back... just to prove / remember that you really were here!

4. I'm so glad we did fun, new things with you guys like finding the little street and the Lennon wall.

5. I am still shocked that there are no Emily / April / Tricia / Amber / Christa comments. I so wanted to know their thoughts!