Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Easter Fun!

Ok, so we celebrated the baskety part of Easter on Saturday Morning. We laid everything out while the kids were asleep. They got us up early, as usual and walked right by all of this!

I think there was just enough candy there, plenty for the kids and some for daddy too!

Creed was the first to check out his new wheels!

And it didn't take long for Caleb to race around the house on his.

Creed was even trying his hand at multi tasking.

I think Caleb was experiencing some mechanical problems here.

Cadence was the last to come out and was a little confused by the chaos, this beautiful smile came after she got her head around what was going on.

This, however was the look on her face pretty much the rest of the day! She is turning into quite the candy expert.

Caleb and Creed enjoyed the gizmos in the basket quite a bit too!

Tink wasn't quite sure what to make of all of this, but she eased right in with the crowd after a while.

Caleb seemed especially proud of this huge bunny from our neighbor. He wasn't interested in eating it, I think he was impressed that he was taller than it was.

The boys loved their book, especially when mommy read it to them. They liked feeling the textures on the pages.

Those boys love their mommy!

So we got the kids these shovels and rakes to try to teach them the joys of yard work and farming. They pretty much went medieval with them and started som kind of uprising. Fortunately there were no casualties.

Easter is probably our favorite family holiday. It gives us hope that we serve a risen Savior who brings peace, order and purpose to our lives. Jesus defeated death and showed us that no matter what life throws at us, He is strong enough and big enough to take care of us. We are thankful that we can trust in Him. That is reason enough to stop and set aside this week to honor Him by celebrating the new lives he has created in us and what we hope to foster in the lives of our children.

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