Friday, April 13, 2012

Prague-day 1

Chris and I have been waiting for so long to go on this trip together. Since Liz and Shannon, my sister and brother-in-law, live in Prague, it's a really good excuse to cross the ocean :)

So, after a crazy, busy Holy Week, we could hardly believe when we were sitting at CLT waiting on our plane to come.

Lots of hours and 2 planes later, we made it! Even tho we were tired, we were so excited to see Liz in person. An airport where you know no one and none of the language can be pretty intimidating... So a familiar face was great! And when it's one of my sisters, it couldn't be any better!

After letting us sleep for a little while, Liz got us up and walking around to help our bodies acclimate to 6 hours difference. We walked up to a park area and then thru the part of town that they live in. It's such a different place than Mooresville :). Beautiful and urban and old and totally not familiar in any way. We love it!

Here are some of our favorite sights from that first walk

Liz really likes this plant and it blooming everywhere! We think it's forsythia.

A view overlooking the city from the park by their house. Pictures don't do justice the beauty of a place that has mixed modern with super old really well. A castle that was started before people knew that America was around that also has a subway stop, is just strange. And yet somehow it works!

And cliffs, and mountains, and a's no wonder these people we in shape! They walk everywhere! And it sure not an easy walk like NC or FL!

These are clay volleyball courts in a park. Further down there was another volleyball court with bleachers and concession stands and everything! Just outside, for community purposes.

Graffiti...on everything...some of it beautiful...some of it not so much...

These little garden plots made you think you were in a village not a huge city. They have been around since communism days when people grew food to have enough and the families have basically "inherited" the land and continue to grow food on it.

And then there's a Bruce Springsteen poster because he's coming. :)

6 hours in and we are certainly intrigued by this very eclectic place. You'll have to keep checking back to see what else we see :)


Kristen said...

Ha! The Boss is coming to Maritime Canada this summer as well! Looks like he's hitting all the hot spots! Glad you had a great time!

georgi said...

This is very is Prague?
Did you wonder where the bodies actually came from? Bone Church is appropriate name, for sure!

georgi said...

Sorry ...commenting on the Bone Church

Elizabeth said...

I loved this post. Loved it. Loved how you captured bits and pieces of my neighborhood. :) And seriously, I am SHOCKED that this post didn't elicit any Wilson comments. They need to quit reading your blog on their phones so they can see a bigger version of these cool photos AND so they can comment. Where's the love?!?

The Lourceys said...

I can't believe I haven't commented on these blogs either! What the heck?! I could have sworn I did. I've loved reading every single one of them. I really love that picture of you and Liz at the airport. :)