Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs

This weekend was so much fun in the Andersen house!  After a busy, busy week, it was so nice to get some extended "FaceTime" with the kids. They were pretty excited about it too :)  So, we started out by coloring eggs. Everyone got in on the action!

All those innocent eggs.....they have no idea the Andersens are coming ;)
There was lots of splashing eggs in - but that's OK - yet another "win" for concrete floors!
Tink much preferred eating her eggs....imagine that....

I loved watching Cadence this year. She's so big and therefore meticulous and slightly opinionated about how things should go :)

Coming out - all colored up!

What would egg dying be without actually trying a boiled egg. Creed and Tink liked it!  Cadence and Caleb - not so much. 
In fact this is what Caleb did with his piece of egg to eat!

and then, the hunt was on!  

Again with Tink, more interested in eating than finding :)

Caleb LOVED egg hunting this year!  He's such a little man but even in his little body, he's every bit a 2 year old. With every egg he would find he would cheer for himself and say "yay me! I dot eet"  (got it)  So Fun!

Creed tried to be like his brother, but just didn't get all of it :)

Counting the eggs. A real egg left in the yard wouldn't be great in a couple of days...

It was bound to happen with so many littles involved in the hunt.....

and this big girl got quite the lesson in camouflage!  After the littles went down for a nap, we started hiding eggs for her. Some were easy and some were definitely camouflaged! She had a great time looking for them, was a pretty good sport about the hard eggs to find, and loved the concept of being "hotter" or "colder" when it came to finding a hard egg. 

Overall, a super fun afternoon spent with the family. How could that be bad? 

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Elizabeth said...

Really?!? How can your girl be big enough to hunt eggs using "hotter" and "colder"? It just doesn't seem possible.

Your 2-year-old gets cuter and cuter with his little personality.

And I love that your "twins" are both blondies who love to eat.

I also loved these pictures. Did you take them with your new camera? ;)

See you TOMORROW!!!