Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 2 at a fun Park in Praha!

Day 2- after getting to sleep in!!!- Liz and Shan took us off to begin our sight seeing adventures. Since it was a nice, warm (for Prague) day Shannon wanted us to start off at a park that he wanted to see the Cherry Tree blossoms at. While the trees weren't blossoming like we had hoped they would, it was still lots of fun!

The view as we walked to the park - we walked everywhere!!  
 The park is up on this hill

A monument to remember communism. It was lots of steps that were hard to walk up to remind you of the weight of communism. and it worked - it was REALLY hard to get up!

 Some views of the park...
A really cool playground that made us think of our kids
a tram that would have made the ascent to the top of the park easier
Apple Trees 
Cherry trees that were pretty - tho they had already "peaked" in their blooming cycle
 More views of Prague from the park. It really is a beautiful city. 

 Shannon and Liz playing tourist. 

 Chris playing with the new camera :)

 This piece of equipment was really cool!  It simulated a skate board going up a ramp (i'm not really up on my skateboard terminology so bear with me) We all tried it but Shannon was the best at it - which really didn't surprise any of us :)

 Liz and I decided to walk backwards up the hill for a while because our legs were KILLING us from walking forward!
 More views from the park....

 There were rose gardens that had all been cut back so we just imagined how pretty they would be in bloom. 
 This was pretty close to a magnolia tree in the US and smelled amazing!

 A maze that it really more designed to keep children busy than adults :)
 This is a miniature of the Eiffel Tower and I'm not sure why it's in Prague but I'm sure Liz told us and I just forgot. It's cool looking either way. You could have walked up it to look around the city but we opted to not. 

and why go to a park in another country if you can't mock their religious statues? :)

This is the back part of the American Embassy and we could see it from the park. It's amazing how seeing our flag seemed welcoming to us while surrounded by people that we couldn't understand and sights that looked so not familiar. It was pretty cool to see!

Such a great park and a great start to all of the sight-seeing that we got to do!  It's cool how well Prague has mixed the old (like castles and cathedrals) with new (public transportation and modern day life), city (the bajillion buildings) and nature (all the parks in the city) in such a great way. 


Elizabeth said...

Seriously, that picture of us walking backwards up the hill might just be one of my favorites from your time here. :) Sorry that your legs were killing you, but if we had taken the tram all the way up we would have missed the cool skateboard thing and all the amazing views (of the city... not the empty cherry trees) ;)

Elizabeth said...

p.s. Here's some tower info for you...The Petřin Tower was built in 1891. In 1899, members of the Club of Czech Tourists visited the Eiffel Tower and decided to raise money to build a similar one in Prague for the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891. It was built in 4 months and has been a look out tower, radio tower, and was the main TV signal provider until 1992. You know... just in case you were wondering. ;)