Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aquarium in Gatlinburg!

A few weeks ago we took an early weekend and decided to head to the mountains as a family. While it wasn't as enjoyable as I had it planned out in my head (think 4 kids in a hotel room), we did have a good time. and one of the funnest parts was the aquarium.  Everyone that knew we were going to Gatlinburg said "you've got to go to the aquarium" and we're really glad that we decided to follow their advice!  The kids had a blast :)

Watching the penguins get fed. You don't see Cadence because she's up really close to the feeding and cut off from view. 

Feeding some kind of ray. Rays aren't impressive when you're from FL. I'm just saying....
 neither are lizards. but this one was big so it got its picture taken.

They had a really fun - but small - play area that we spent quite a bit of time at. This barrel would have squirted water if it wouldn't have been booty cold outside. 

this thing was a pirate head that talked and then blew air really loudly in  your face - 
HILARIOUS!! (to watch)

Caleb really liked to stand on the vibrating shell thing. 

and this is Tink. She didn't really play much but she was just getting used to us because she's new (at this point only with us for 1 week) but we're glad she's around!

more fish

wheels that turn - always a hit with the kids

 Overall, a super fun halfday in Gatlinburg that made the kids just tired enough to go back to our room and take a nap :)  and that's never a bad thing.....

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Elizabeth said...

Your four kids in a hotel room comment made me smile. And just as I was wondering which of the 3 littles was walking (since you have a double stroller), I realized that Tink was riding in a different stroller. Two strollers means you have to have two adults around huh? Or maybe it means that Cadence Shae has been recruited as a pusher? ;)