Sunday, March 4, 2012


We picked the perfect weekend to go to the Mountains - way back in February - because it snowed!!  This winter has been unseasonably warm for us (which I love) but because of that we haven't had opportunities for the kids to play in snow. So, when the forecast said "snow" we were excited. :)  So, sure enough, the day after playing at the aquarium, we woke up to white. and because we were up high in the mtns, it was good snow that packed really well for snowballs.  After dressing the kids warmly, and checking out of our condo, we were off to find a place to play in the snow. We found a great spot and had lots of fun....for about 10 minutes and then the kids were crying because their hands hurt :(  But those 10 minutes were lots of fun and we have the pictures to prove it!  

All our Precious Babies!

 I'm so grateful that our kids have a Daddy they love and who plays with them. He's pretty great :)

We found this pretty cool bridge where i thought that we could get out and walk on and the go down a trail or something, but Caleb wasn't having anything to do with that, so after a few quick pictures, we loaded everyone back up and headed home. 

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