Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas Part 2

Christmas Day this year was a little different than Christmas Days in the past. Mostly because it took place at Gran and Pop's instead of at Mom and Dad's house like normal. Mom and Dad's house was under construction so a change of location was needed. I'm so glad that Christmas isn't about the place but instead the people who you spend it with, because this year we were reminded that as long as we're together, it's all good. :)

 Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!  Who knew that this phrase - along with "To infinity and beyond!" would become part of what we hear out of Caleb on a daily basis :)  

 Chris got a Star Wars backpack to match the boys. He was pretty excited about it :)
 and Buzz, Woody and a Mr. Potato Head without Rex just seems absurd...
 Christmas Tree Cakes - quite possibly the favorite present of the year by our children :)

 I love Uncle Luke in this picture!

Cadence literally wears a belt every day - just because she loves them!
 Birthday Party for Jesus- complete with amazing chocolate cake - just like Jesus would have had, 
I'm sure. 

Since the Andersen Parents don't do presents for the Andersen children at Christmas, we instead headed over to downtown Disney to be together as a family. We ate at Rainforest Cafe and had lots of fun - except for Caleb....he was terrified!

 That baby loves a lemon - and the attention it gets him!

Our "no technology" Christmas :)

Can you go to downtown Disney without riding the train?  We think not!

All the kids got to pick out a present to have to remember the day. THe boys didn't get these hats but they were still super cute in them :)  Cadence picked out clothes for her new baby, Kate, who Yellow GiGi and Poppa had gotten her for Christmas, the boys go a remote control train, a ball, and something else I can't remember. That's what I get for waiting until February to do this post!

Our kids and all their loot!  

 This face brings us joy every day!  How could it not?

 and she really needs to stop growing up.....
Overall, we were so grateful for Christmas and our time together as a family with extended family. We are truly blessed and know and understand that if it wasn't for Jesus coming to earth, all this would be a waste. and that is the BEST. gift. ever!

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Elizabeth said...

How did I miss that Creed eats lemons and Shae loves belts?!?! And please tell me you ate those Christmas tree cakes on a different morning than Christmas morning... because if it WAS Christmas morning, then how did I miss that too? ;) We're so happy that we could spend Christmas with the Andersens this year!

p.s. I think we need to see a video of Caleb Shaun's "to infinity and beyond!" Just sayin'.