Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas 2011

Before we headed to FL for Christmas (and after our hospital stay with Caleb) we had about 2 hours in which to pack and get on the road. We also had some presents in NC that we wanted to open before we left, so part of that chaos was super fun for the kids because they got new stuff!!  

From KayKay and the other Palahnuks......

 What could be better than art supplies and percussion instruments?!?!?

 well, maybe  new baby :)
 and the Wii was from Mimi, PopPop, and the MO Andersens!  This picture pretty accurately describes the Wii lover in our house at this point. :) Cadence loves to play it and the boys would much rather beat on stuff!  They'll come around in the next few years - we're sure of it....

Once in FL, we had the ever traditional and much anticipated Christmas Eve at Gran and Pop's!
 All the stockings - sewn by Grannie or Grannie Turner

 The Andersen  3 with Green GiGi and Poppa

and more pictures of the night. I don't get the new blogger format so they all lay out in a straight line - but at least they're laid out at all!

 boys and vehicles - it's a strange new reality in the Andersen Home

 The Great-grands minus the Callaways

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Elizabeth said...

These were fun to look at it. My favorite is your boys and their instruments with your girl so happy about the Wii. ;)