Tuesday, February 14, 2012

January - all summed up :)

It seems like we just didn't take many pictures of January. Maybe it was coming down off the holidays, or the fact that we're busy, or just laziness, but either way, here is pretty much all of January :)

How do you not love this face?!?

Caleb loves to dress up. It's rare that he's not in some type of costume, or sporting some accessory (usually boots and a cowboy hat - whether appropriate or not. Here are a couple of his favorite outfits. For the record, he comes to us already dressed, we just have to take the picture!

and this little girl got a new outfit from Yellow GiGi and LOVES it!

My deck came about in January!!!  It's very exciting to me :)  We school on it at least once a week and with the awesome january weather we had, it was usually more often than that!

We went to FL for Uncle Joe's funeral :(  and while there aren't many pictures to capture the insanity of Emily and I with 6 children 5 & under (Cadence, Jane, Caleb, Creed, Cora, and Tristan - 3 week old foster kid) this particular day at the park with GiGi we did get some pictures of.....

Back in NC and playing in the yard on yet another amazing weather day. 

Yup, Creed is both wet and muddy but we let him play anyway because we have a bath tub to clean all that up. 

Chris helping out with the kids.......

do you see the pattern of outside days?!? Probably my favorite January since we moved here.

and just because we'd be incomplete with it, here's a video of Cadence and Caleb having so much fun with the Wii!
click HERE to watch


Elizabeth said...

Hooray - you have a deck! :)

That girl and her legs. That boy and his gleeful dancing. They kill me.

Caleb and his hats = precious.

Elizabeth said...

P.s. I forgot to add...

You have a new (to me) rug! So fun!