Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Pictures!

Life seems busy and yet we get to the end of the day and not much has been accomplished and that includes blogging or picture taking! So, here are a few pictures of what has gone in our the Andersen world lately.

The weather has been so beautiful and so we've been playing outside lots. Caleb Shaun has loved being outside and it worked really well for a week or so until he figured out how to climb up the slide! So, now I have to watch him when they play in the yard - which really isn't a bad thing.

Mr. Creed has been enjoying "tummy time" and actually enjoys the play mat quite a bit. I'm so grateful for it because we've now used it with all 3 kids.

Cadence has been given some freedom since we're a little preoccupied with the boys these days. It's not entirely her fault and I have to remind myself that she's 4 but the day I walked into her closet and saw the mural she had made on the wall, I was less than excited. However, I controlled myself - slightly - and got creative with the punishment. So, here she is with a magic eraser removing her artwork. She didn't love this work at all but has remembered well that she needs to color "at the table on paper" instead of her walls :) I did have to work hard to not laugh when I was wiping down her closet door and she was upset because I erased Mickey Mouse! I thought "it takes a lot of nerve to get upset about what I'm erasing when it's written on a closet door!" But that's one of the things I love most about Cadence.

Today I was working on some music stuff for church and heard the kids in my bathroom. This is very scary to me since Caleb Shaun has recently discovered how much fun a toilet can be. Thankfully I walked into this instead of another alternative.

And finally, some new pictures of Creed. I love that he smiles more these days - that way we can see all his chins!

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Elizabeth said...

Ha! I love your bathtub buddies. :) And can't wait to kiss all of Creed's sweet chins!!! After looking at these pictures, I can see where you say he sort of looks like Jac and me.