Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on alot of nothing

The past week I have had company from FL here to help me! I'm so grateful for friends and family who rearrange their schedules - without even being asked - just for the purpose of helping us out. Tara flew in for 4 days and we had so much fun with her. She brought all the kids stuff but Caleb Shaun, especially, loved his drum! He played it all weekend. Cadence and Tara bonded over hair braiding and making cookies and she mostly just held and loved on Creed :)

Cadence and her fashion sense makes us laugh but she likes it so we do too!

Aunt April flew in on Monday and has been hanging with us this week. She brought Creed this super cute Rabbit Moon outfit and he really liked it even tho he's screaming in this picture.

Creed loves Aunt April, because she holds him all the time, and he has started responding to him by "smiling" at her. This is our first attempt to get a smiling picture of him. It looks alot like the crying picture except his face is less red :)

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Elizabeth said...

Updates make me happy. :) I'm so glad you had lots of fun with Tara. Shae's outfit is hysterical. And Creed's smile makes ME smile! Hooray for a visit from Aunt April!!!