Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creed's Beach Shower

Today all the girls from the family that were in town, went to the Beach House to have lunch and a shower for Creed. We had so much fun hanging with the girls! April, Mom and Janet made the cake. It was super good and literally had 8 pounds of sugar involved in the making of it :) We didn't eat it all but it sure looked cute sitting on the beach with our sand castle cake.

Everyone waiting for lunch to arrive

The gifts - we loved them all. A shower with so much blue was quite the change but one that we're all super excited about!
Homemade superhero lovies from Aunt April will be hard to keep from Caleb Shaun but we're sure Creed will love them!

The drum blanket was from Aunt Elizabeth and definitely one of my favorite gifts! I sure wish Liz could have been here to give it to me herself but we will take it to Prague in the spring to make sure Creed gets a picture with his Aunt Elizabeth and his blanket.

The "Wilson" girls The Aunties

and the cousins

I am so grateful for our Murdock family and the place they have in all of our children's lives. As we've all hung out this week I'm reminded over and over that everyone in the world doesn't have the privilige (sp?) of having family that they love to hang out with and have as friends but we have certainly been blessed with it and it's one of the things I'm most thankful for. I can't wait for Creed to meet and get to fall in love with all the girls in our family just like Cadence and Caleb Shaun have!

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Elizabeth said...

That cake is AWESOME! They did a great job. Your beach shower looks so fun. Wish I could have been there with you. Where was Angie?

So much blue is such a contrast after so much pink, huh? And as for Creed's super cute blanket. I'm glad you like it... but you know that it was Mom's idea, right? She's the smart, thoughtful one. I didn't even know you were having a shower until a couple of days before!