Friday, June 4, 2010

Caleb Shaun Update

Teething is no fun! He now has 2 teeth on the bottom (the middle 2) and his eye-teeth - on either side of the middle ones - are working on coming in. It has been a hard week for us with lots of fussing over these teeth. Poor Shaunie is miserable! But we're just hoping they break thru soon so that he can go back to being the happy boy he normally is.

Caleb is always happy when Daddy is around. These next pics were taken by Chris (which is why he's attentive and happy)

He LOVES Slang and is always trying to get to him to play with him. Thankfully, he's not mobile yet so Slang can still get away :)

Working on therapy to stretch out the left side of Caleb Shaun's neck.

These next 2 pics are what we've seen the most of this week. Either fussing or chewing on anything he can get into his mouth :(

and after a long time of fussing, this is what we accomplish :)


Elizabeth said...

I think these are my very favorite Shaunie pictures. The upside down smiling teeth one is so precious. Seeing him with Slang reminds me of all Shae's baby pictures with Slang. :) And it's so fun to see your therapy exercises with him!!!

mama said...

He is getting so big, almost as tall as Slang! :) So sorry he is giving you a fit with his teeth, that will hopefully end soon!