Friday, June 4, 2010

Cadence Shae Update

While Shaun has had a pretty rough week (see post below) Cadence has been the complete opposite! With the exception of driving us crazy as she is constantly around Caleb Shaun - which makes him scream - she has been nothing but a joy to have around. It makes me a little sad to see her become a big girl but very happy with the big girl she's becoming; all at the same time! Maybe it's just because my pregnancy emotions are out of control :)

Yesterday we had a conversation that went like this
ME: Cadence, get away from your brother! Do you not hear him screaming?!?!
CADENCE: "Yes ma'am". she walked away and then came over to me and said
"Mommy I'm sorry that I was disobedient but I need to tell you something"
ME: What would you like to tell me?
CADENCE: I know I'm not supposed to be in Shaunie's face but it's hard for me to stay out of his face because I just love him so much because he's my brother.

So, I pretty much felt like a schmuck and just had to reiterate that even if she loves him that when she's been told to stay out of his face, she needs to do what she's told even if it's hard. and to work harder to choose obedience. to which she said "Yes Ma'am" and went on her way.

The other day she was playing in her room and I walked by her door and saw this. So sweet! She was reading books to Ella and had obviously been there for quite a while. She loves to "read" us books and make up songs that she plays on the piano and sings. At bedtime we now have to take turns because it's always been that I would sing her a song but now she wants to sing me a song. They're always made up songs about whatever thoughts are going thru her head at the moment. I love them!

It's a little hard to see but, we got her entire name on the same piece of paper! I now find the letters to her name written on papers all over the house. She even painted them on a picture for her Daddy the other day.

and for those of you who care and have been asking (Terica) here is a picture of me all pregnant - 26 weeks today to be exact. less than 100 days to go until Creed makes his appearance!


Elizabeth said...

Oh. my. goodness. That girl is adorably hysterical. I love her pony tails. :)

As for your pregnancy pic... hooray! Though I'm a bit surprised you didn't wear your other new white tank top. ;)

mama said...

WOW, it only took 26 weeks to get a pg picture!

Can't believe our baby girl is looking and acting so big! What a joy, can't wait to see you all in person and get a real hug, next week! :)