Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun Weekend with Family

A couple of weekends ago I (Ashleigh) was at a women's retreat with our church, it happened to be the same weekend that some of Cadence's birth family was in town from California so Chris graciously agreed to take our kids to Raleigh to hang out with family. He even took pictures! So, here are some pictures of all the kids playing together.

Maddie and Jane - both born in June

Mya and Cadence playing in the water with Kay Kay - so much fun!


Elizabeth said...

Precious. So precious. Chris is an awesome dad! And I love how everyone just gets added to the mix... Jane and Caleb Shaun included. Our family is so blessed!

Is it just me or does your girl wear pig tails an awful lot these days? :)

chrisa4357 said...

She does like to wear "2 ponies" these days. Especially if you wet them so that they're long :) She has opinions on her hair most every day and so we do our best to accommodate.