Friday, July 2, 2010

VBS x2!

Since Cadence had an extra 10 days in FL without Chris and I, she got to go to VBS both weeks. Even last week once Chris and I got here on Tuesday, she wanted to go to "her school" the rest of the week so we took her every morning to First Baptist Palmetto so that she could go to her class. She loved it! and we couldn't be more thrilled that she would choose to get up and go to VBS everyday instead of hanging out with us :)

Week 2 was Saddle Ridge Ranch where they were "roundin' up questions and driving out answers" Her teacher, Mrs. Karen, was very nice - according to Cadence - and she liked the snacks and playing on the playground :) All week long they would sing songs and do motions. Every day she would say that she just watched and Kagan would do the motions but she didn't want to. So, we were very surprised when we went to the VBS program on Sunday morning and Cadence stood up and sang and danced the whole time! I told her I nearly fell off the bench - which she thought was very funny!

You can't find her in this picture because she was on the floor on the opposite end from us. Maybe one day I'll get a video uploaded of her doing the motions and singing.

Taking pictures with everyone afterward.

The week before, while she was with my Mom in Wauchula, she went to New Hope Baptist Church to High Seas Expedition. She had a great time in her class there too. She rode every day with Mrs. Laura and loved her daughter Lexy. We are so grateful for Mrs. Laura, Grammie and Poppa, for making it work everyday to get her back and forth to Bible School.

Lexy Mrs. Laura

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Elizabeth said...

These pictures just make me smile! Thanks for sharing them. I love that your girl gets to meet new people and visit new places in FL. And I love your new family photo with a smiling Caleb Shaun. Too cute!