Monday, December 1, 2008

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving was the Mooresville Christmas Parade. Why it happens before Thanksgiving I don't know but it always does and it's a huge big deal in Mooresville so we went. Cadence had been her first Christmas to the parade but not last year so she had no idea of what a parade even was. But she was excited to go either way. 

Here she is all thugged out waiting to leave. 

We rode with some friends and met up with other ones once we got there. Cadence was so excited about all of her friends (and Daddy) being with her. 

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The girls

I loved this car and it's mini-me

The girls danced and waved at everything that went by. 

Once we got home, she busted into the candy. Here she is eating a box of nerds. She poured the whole thing out on the table and ate them this way. 

Here is a video of the girls dancing to one of the bands. It's too funny to not include in this post. 


Elizabeth said...

What a silly girl! Looks like you guys had so much fun. :) The dancing was priceless.

Brad Lee said...

You do have a funny girl there. "All thugged out" one minute, slurping candy off the table the next! Looks like you guys had fun for sure. Way to be cool parents!