Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Jesus

Last week we had a Birthday Party for Jesus. It was so much fun. We invited several of Cadence's friends over to celebrate with us. 

We started off by watching the Miss PattyCake Christmas DVD. We have the presents just like she opens on the movie so it was fun for the kids to put together the nativity scene as the movie went on. 

After Miss PattyCake, we went downstairs to eat "cake"  really it was rice crispy treats and they were SO good. Everyone got a candle in their rice crispy treat and then we all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out our candles. To watch a video of it click here.

Playing with toys. 

Before we left, NaNa read a book about Christmas. The pictures look better than how the actual book went. But the moms liked it either way :)

Overall the party was lots of fun. I'm so glad that we have fun ways to celebrate that Jesus came to earth. 

I don't have much left to blog because Cadence is in Florida with AprilLou and Luke this week. But April is doing a great job blogging her Cadence adventures. To keep up with her go to www.aprilandluke.blogspot.com

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Renee said...

Loved this Happy Birthday Jesus Party!!!! Thanks for inviting us! What a great way to celebrate.