Thursday, December 4, 2008


For Thanksgiving this year, everyone came to our house. We had so much fun. Everyone got in on Thursday morning about breakfast time and we pretty much spent it in our pajamas. We cooked and ate our big turkey in the afternoon.  April and Luke had to go home on Friday so we took them to the airport and then went on to Emily and Rob's in Wake Forest. We had so much fun with our family. They are definitely on the top of the list of things we are thankful for!

Here are some pictures from the weekend. 

Cadence with her uncles (and aunt)

Cadence loved helping GiGi with the dished. She was in charge of drying and putting away the silverware :)

Mom brought the decoration and so we put up our Christmas Tree on Thursday. I LOVE it!!

Sitting around in our pj's

Em and Rob were in charge of breakfast. It was all so yummy!  Cadence is eating guacamole!

Liz and Shan are officially in Prague now so they were just with us via Skype. We were all so glad to get to talk to them. 

"The Three Ninja's"  Em and Rob brought RockBand for the wii and we all had so much fun playing it. But I think the boys had the best time ;)  Here is a video of their performance 

I love this picture because Emily looks pregnant in it :)

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE your Thanksgiving post. Your tree is beautiful and just perfect for your family! It makes me smile to think of Shae and her candy canes. And the pic of Emmy is adorable. Thanks for including us too. So fun!