Sunday, December 28, 2008


This year's Disney trip was SO much fun!. I've always loved Disney and Chris and I have both been many times since we were kids. But I think that of all the trips that we have taken with family, friends, to Night of Joy, on date nights once we were married, when Chris was working there, no trip has been as much fun as this one with Cadence. Kids make everything WAY better!!  She is at such a fun age and adores the Disney princesses so to see it all come to life - thru her eyes -  was amazing. We started at Epcot where we went to the Seas to ride the Nemo ride. 

This was her reaction to the outside of the Nemo exhibit. 

She didn't really like the ride part of Nemo so after we finished looking at all the fish we decided to head to Magic Kingdom to see the Very Merry Christmas parade. 

So, after a monorail ride and a boat ride..............


Eating lunch waiting on the parade (chicken strips and sushi)

We had perfect seats for the parade and she was it coming from right in front of Cinderella's castle. Shae immediately started waving and yelling at everyone. :)

I think she could have peed her pants when the princesses came by. She was SO excited. 

When she saw that Santa was coming she threw her arms open like this. We loved it!

Playing with Daddy waiting for Belle's storytime to start. The Belle on this day was the girl from the movie FireProof. She did a great job and Cadence loved hearing the story. 

We stood in the uber-long line to meet Cinderella and got in there and only Sleeping Beauty and Belle were there. Cadence was pretty unsure about the whole princess thing and a little disappointed that Cinderella wasn't there. She kept asking the other two where Cinderella was. 

After leaving the Princess house, she told us that she was tired and laid down in her stroller and went to sleep. So, we took advantage of the time to head back to Epcot to the candlelight service. 

the Candlelight service is my favorite thing about Disney World. It's amazing to me that I can stand in one of the most liberal places on earth and here straight scripture read to thousands of people. And to think that it happens for almost 2 months blows my mind and reminds me of just how great our God is. He finds his way even into "mouse" country and the people around us at the ceremony sang his praise right along with Chris and I. It's amazing that we can literally worship Jesus out loud with other people at Disney and they probably don't even realize that we're doing it. :)  Seriously, one of my favorite things ever. 

After the Candlelight service, we had a couple of hours to kill before the fireworks (another favorite) so we rode the boat rides in Mexico (which Shae loved) and Norway (which she didn't love as much) got Daddy a pretzel and Mommy a crepe (because they were out of candy apples in Germany) and found a place to sit down and wait.   I laughed when as we sat down to wait for the fireworks Cadence said that she had to go potty for like the 100th time that day and I took her into the same bathroom that we had started in 12 hours earlier. 

These last pictures are of her enjoying Chris' ice cream cone that he got to balance the salt from his pretzel :)


Mandy Devine said...

So glad you guys had such an awesome time. We loved watching Ella experience Disney too (and actually get it). It was amazing...I stood there watching her take things in with so much excitement and found myself in tears several times. It really was the best time ever!

Luke & April said...

I love her reactions to things!! So real and precious!! He arms out for Santa is hysterical!

Christa said...

Oh yay!! I'm so glad you got to see Erin. Did you tell her you knew me? I am also glad it wasn't too busy. I was so worried you wouldn't have a good time, but I am very glad you did!!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVED this blog post. Seriously, it's probably my favorite one ever. You do such a good job of capturing Cadence and her reactions to life... this post is perfect for the title of your blog "life with shae." I'm SO glad you guys had such a fun trip. Your day seemed just perfect and your rendition of it made me feel like I was right there experiencing it with you. I know I've said this before, but I'm so thankful for internet technology! Shae's expressions were priceless... Nemo, the boat ride, Santa, etc. And isn't it just like life that 12 hours later you were right back where you started... thanks so much for sharing that with us. I loved it all! And I love you guys!!