Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cadence and Kagan

We started our time in FL by hanging out with Kagan on Monday. We went to lunch with some friends in Lakeland (which included 2 busted lips, a bloody nose, and poo poo in Shae's pants) and then on we went to Orlando to Kagan's house. After a fun art project :)  and some pizza for dinner, we took the kids to Gaylord Palms to look at all the Christmas lights. Gaylord Palms is one of my favorite places in Orlando because of the atmosphere inside the hotel so I thought this would be lots of fun......


The decorations were less than exciting but the kids seemed to make fun along the way. 
Here they are looking at real fish in the Key West section. 


Kagan loved the fishing pole but Cadence was a little more into the big fish. 

We then ran (literally) over to the Everglades area. 

Along the way, there were these flowers and they just needed to be walked around :)

Here we are in the Everglades. There were live alligators and so here we are looking at them. 

Afterwards, the kids had so much fun running thru the hotel like crazy people that we just let them. Luckily, Kagan's daddy, Chris, played with them so they didn't seem like they were just out of control kids.  To see a video of it click HERE

Here they are back at home picking out a snack before bedtime. 


Christa said...

I showed Kagan the video and he laughed and laughed!! I also love the picture of Cadence in the fridge, it makes me laugh. We had a good time, I really enjoyed having ya'll come over. I wish we could do it more!!!

Elizabeth said...

Again... you are SO good at this Ashleigh. You perfectly captured a day in the life of Kagan and Shae. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it with me... I realize it wasn't meant to be just with me, but I can pretend. :) Your pictures are hysterical... the girl and the big fish, two little behinds in almost every shot, walking around the flowers... it's all so fun!