Monday, April 7, 2008

A Melmo Easter

Cadence got her Easter stuff from FL family once we were in FL with Grammie and Papa. She got to open her basket "backie" twice because mom gave it to her in the car while we were driving to the hotel and then we repacked it to open it so mom could take pictures of her opening her easter stuff. She loved it both times. :)

The second time there was present too filled with stuff from GiGi, MiMi aka Aunt Debbie and Aunt Connie. As well as an additional present from Aunt April aka LUKEopening an egg filled with candy

Those are Elmo slippers that Grammie is showing her. trying to feed "melmo" an aminal cracker
grammie showing Shae that animal crackers are actually cookies

This webkinz pig makes Cadence very cool with the older kids in Mooresville and we didn't even know it.
This "dd" or DVD as the rest of the world would say, was from Aunt Debbie and we told her it was from Kagan's Mimi so everytime she wants to watch it she points at it and calls it "mimi" like that's the name of the know like "pattycake" or "melmo" we also have one specifically called "mimi"


Luke & April said...

It cracks me up that you guys let her open her Easter Basket twice!! And i'm sure she was equally excited the second time around!!And what a Great Basket... all of her Elmo items are FABULOUS!!

PS - I still have to post about her episode on the beach :) I will try and do that tonight.

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