Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun with Kagan

Nothing like posting stuff over a week late, I know but here are some of the pictures of Kagan and Cadence playing.

These first ones are of them in the "pool" They had so much fun splashing and getting leaves in the water. The weather was great and Shae and I were very thankful for so much sun.

After all that playing, they needed some cantaloupe as a snack. And as Christa said it always tastes better in a wagon. :) Having a mcDonalds picnic.

I don't know why everyday things are so much fun but they just are..........especially at someone else's house.

Cadence loves this swing and gets in it everytime we go to Christa's even tho she's WAY to big for it now.

Christa always has snacks in fun places at her house. This time it was in the doorway eating marshmallows.

I have no idea why she liked the bucket on her head but it was her "hat"


Mama said...

So Sweet! Looks like these two cousins had a blast!!

Luke & April said...

Ebony and Ivory!! Too Cute.

And you better watch with that swing... if you get another baby she just might boot it out of the swing so she can have a turn :)