Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun with Friends

This past Sunday night, we got a call from our good friends Matt and Jenn saying that she was in labor. We had planned for Mary, their daughter, and Ella, Keith and Mandy's daughter, to come over while Jenn was in labor. We just didn't plan for it to be midnight on Sunday night. But either way, the girls came over Sunday night very late and just went to sleep. Well, when Cadence woke up to see Ella and mary in her room on Monday morning you would have thought it was Christmas. She was speechless and SO excited. She just kept saying "oh, oh, oh," over and over again. It was so cute. So here are some pics of the fun the girls had on that day before going to the hospital to see new baby Emily.

Eating pancakes

making a mess :)

I wanted to get the yard mowed on Monday so I left the girls playing in the back yard and would see them as I circled around. That is also when these pictures of them running up and down our hill were taken.

Later on jumping off of the front step.

Having a snack.

Cadence spotting Ella and Mary coloring with chalk and needing to join them.

Cadence telling Mary just how to push her in the car. and Mary and Ella doing it. :)

We are so grateful for good friends, and new babies, and whole Spring days of fun outside.


Luke & April said...

How Fun!!! It is so precious that Cadence has true little girlfriends. I can't wait to see pics of new baby Emily.

Elizabeth said...

Super cute. The 3 Amigos.

I agree with April... where's Emily?

Melody said...

It was good to read some new blogs and catch up on what's going on in your life. I was just taking a break from painting my room and it's close to the green in Shae's room. Her room is super cute. Have a good week!

Mama said...

I am impressed that all 3 girls have pony tails! You are becoming quite a mom!!! Hair & everything!
They are all too cute!

The Agarwals said...

Well, I am officially jealous that there are jeans and jackets in these pics! We're sporting tank tops and bathing suits these days! :-)