Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bowling with Daddy's Class

Last Week we went Bowling with Chris' class. They were practicing (along with the other EC kids) for the Special Olympics Bowling Championship coming up - this is not a joke - and so Shae and I decided to go join them for the day. Here we are going in and Shae not being so sure of why Daddy wasn't paying attention to her (but she was dressed really cute) :)
Getting more sure and finding a friend in Fantaiga

Fantaiga could have her own blog. She is so much fun every time we're with Chris' class and loves Cadence so much. She likes to push her in the stroller when we're with them and likes to look at pictures of her throughout the day when Chris is at school. She is always asking him "Mr. Andersen, whacha think your little girl is doing right now? " and Chris will answer "she's probably getting a spanking or eating breakfast or something like that. "
Here is Fantaiga when she got a strike.

Here she is carrying her ball up on her turn. Getting a gutter ball (which she blamed on Mr. Brown)
Not caring so much about missing at the beginning of the day.
This is Trask. He loves 4-wheelers. Chris is trying to show him why he's got to get away from his 4-wheeler magazine and roll a ball instead.
Here he is with his magazine.
Christine (I don't think she even knew where we were), Mr. Brown and Mrs. Caldwell. Tyler - wishing he could just watch his Sesame Street podcast.
Nikki waiting her turn (she's a girl)

Nikki getting her turn with a little help from Mrs. Caldwell.

Brad's turn (again has now idea of where he is he slept the whole time)
And Allison by far the happiest and most excited one of the bunch.

We have such a great time with his class and love that there are days when we get to be with Daddy even tho he's at work. This coming week we're going to a minor league baseball game so that will be interesting. Stay tuned..................


Luke & April said...

Your child is by far the cutest most well dressed child I have ever seen!!! And Fantiaga cracks me up... I can't wait to see hear more stories about her :)

Mama said...

All the kids are precious! Chris is a great guy!! Glad you and Shae Shae could go, what a treat!

Brad Lee said...

I bet that was really fulfilling and special...and I bet all the students had a blast.