Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cadence's new room

For those of you that follow the ever changing Andersen life story, we had moved lessons out of our house so that Cadence could have a play room and we could kind of claim our house again as a place to live. So, lessons moved to Studio 18 (a place that one of our friends runs that does music and art lessons). We've been there 2 months and have enjoyed having a more relaxed lifestyle at home. However, we have been reevaluating things and have realize that while we have gotten our home back, we have lost the relationship building part of lessons because it's become very business-like with parents just dropping kids off for lessons and not hanging out to talk like they did when lessons were in our home. So, because we are "relational" and want to be able to ultimately share Christ with these people, we have decided to move lessons back to our house and have just given Cadence the old office/playroom as her bedroom because it is bigger and holds her toys and her bed. So, this past weekend we painted and moved furniture and here is her new room.


Luke & April said...

Awww... it is so Cute!!! Where are here drapes??

The Lourceys said...

I love it! I didn't realize you were painting...I could have come to help.

Christa said...

Very nice, she does have a big room and it looks beautiful!! You guys did a great job.