Saturday, December 14, 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Our church every year does a big push for Operation Christmas Child to see how many boxes we can collect and our family does our part to participate. It's really important to us for our children to grow up realizing that Christmas (or their life in general) really isn't about them but that it's about making much of Jesus in all that we do, including how we celebrate. And Christmas is no exception. So, we try to be purposeful in the things we do throughout the craziness of the holiday season to make sure they know that if we're not focusing what we're doing on Jesus coming to earth for us then we're focusing on the wrong thing. And Operation Christmas Child is a great way for us to kick off our holidays  - giving gifts to other kids - and knowing that with that gift comes a chance for a kid that lives somewhere else to hear about Jesus coming for them too!  

We took the kids in groups (girls and boys) to the dollar store to pick out their own stuff for the boxes. So, as we went we explained that while we were buying toys, we were buying toys that would go to other kids and we were not going to keep the toys for ourselves. I was really surprised at how well everyone handled it this year. In fact, they were excited to be buying for other kids! So, once we were all home and had all our stuff together, the boxes and bags came out. And we began filling them up!

 In the end there were more than this but these were the ones that they got to put the stuff they specifically picked out to buy for another boy or girl. It is my prayer that our kids will grow up with their eyes fully opened to the fact that if we're not loving other people well in this life then we aren't glorifying God with all we are. Let it start with a shoe box and lead to a life style that will impact their worlds forever…...

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