Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Jammies

Because we love our children and they have a yellow GiGi/Gramie who wants them to match at Christmas time, we chose to take pictures of them in their Christmas jammies. I happened to choose a night that I (Ashleigh) was flying solo while Chris was working - big mistake! So, after trying to get them in jammies, get a backdrop that was acceptable, find the camera, and get everyone ready, they were pretty much done :)

Poor Creed got in trouble because he wouldn't act right. This first picture is definitely the saddest one to me. Poor kid didn't know I really wanted a picture of him in his jammies :(  but he figured it out!  and then we were on track to at least come up with some options for Daddy to photoshop and work with. 

So, after the crying picture, are all the other outtakes and maybe an "in"take too…I don't remember which one I actually used for Christmas cards...

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