Friday, December 13, 2013

Halloween 2013 - the year of all things pirate and fairy

We went bad to spending Halloween with our old RCC peeps this year and it was so nice to have a night to hang out with them!  We started off with hot dogs and chili before heading out to get the candy - because if a hot dog had protein in it, it would be good to have protein before sugar :)

Daddy and all his kids - and yes they used their Easter baskets to collect their Halloween candy 
- and no I don't feel any shame about it at all!

The big girls were very excited and aware of the candy they got!

The littles were too - they were also glad for wagon rides or being carried from house to house. 

and what better way to finish a night full of candy than with a smore!  or at least a ridiculous amount of marshmallows…either way it was fun!

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