Friday, December 13, 2013

October Phone Dump

 I know it's December 13th and I'm posting October but hey, at least this way it's documented :)  I do love a phone dump post because it just shows a little of everything that goes on in everyday life. So, here we go.

We needed a family picture for an advertisement at church - this is the best we got!
 Our boys were so excited for TMNT pjs (like Daddy's pj pants) 

 Livie is getting more and more smiley all the time and we love to capture them whenever we can.
 A trip to Discovery Place Kids...

 I (Ashleigh) got the chance to spend a few days in the mountains with the some of the adults 
in my family. It was heavenly!

Pop wanted a picture of himself :)

The annual picture with Mrs Karen's pumpkins. It's really tricky these days to get a decent picture of all of them - but we tried…...

and this guy…it's a good thing he's cute because he is also BUSY!!! which leads to lots of TROUBLE! But then we see all this cuteness and it saves him. 

 Daddy took the boys to Discovery Place!!  Everything is more fun with Daddy. 

and at the same time the girls had some fun of their own :)

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