Monday, March 18, 2013

Shaun is One!

It's hard to believe that we have another one year old in the house!! And even tho he's only been with us about 6 months of his first year. Shaun Travolta Blackwood Jr (the second) has certainly captured our hearts!  and so, we knew that a celebration was in order for this little man's first year. As the only one of our children who has spent his first year in 3 different homes we sure are glad he landed here :)

Because he's a St. Patty's Day baby, we thought a green party was in order and as we were thinking thru green themes, we decided to leave some of the cooler ones for coming years and just go with something cute for his first year. So, turtles is was....

Thank you Pinterest for the cupcake idea!

leftover m&m's. At 10.99 a lb we enjoyed every one of them!

These pictures are out of order because blogger is acting retarded and I'm choosing to not be angry at a computer :)  

For his party we decided that a party at home was a good idea. So, we invited some of our best people who have loved Shaun since he came to our home and even a few people who loved him before he came to our house. It was so fun!

He loved his cake and did a great job of destroying it!

He even shared with his friend Tuck!

For all the kids birthdays this year we decided to invest in a new swing set. The construction of the swing set will be a separate post but it was a huge hit for the party. And holds lots of kids!

Shaun's first foster mom who loved him thru some really rough days and nights. 
We are so grateful for her and her family!

New Family Picture!

The cupcakes were a hit!

I love these fat feet. 

We are so grateful for all these people who have become our NC family. 

Shaunie loved the sand box! I think this will be a place we find him alot as the weather gets warmer ;)

The Andersen Men

you could never tell that these two are related - could you?!?

Instead of gifts for Shaun we asked people to bring diapers for the pregnancy center - if they were bringing anything at all. And so this week, we get to take all the diapers and wipes to give to people who need them more than we do!

Shaun's party was on Saturday but his actual birthday was Sunday. We couldn't really do our traditional birthday pancakes for breakfast because we leave earlier than breakfast to be at church on time. So, we decided to have them for dinner instead!  

Shaun really likes his whole wheat and almond milk pancakes :)

Then we moved on to a few presents that he had gotten from people. Although he seemed to really enjoy the paper, his siblings were excited about new toys!

New Summer Clothes...YAY!!

and a package from GiGi - those are always fun!

Creed loved the tractor shirt. He doesn't really get that he's not going to get to wear it because it's for little man instead ;)

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