Thursday, March 28, 2013


There are moments when you're reminded of just how sweet God has been in providing people to love on your family and we had one of those moments this past Tuesday. 

We woke up  and noticed that something was different about our back yard... we had been egged! Someone had taken the time to cover our back yard with eggs for the kids. Having no idea of who it was was just part of the fun for us!  So, when Caleb got home from school and everyone had eaten lunch, we told the kids there was a surprise and that they would need their Easter Baskets for it. This was very exciting to them because we have kept their baskets put up since they came in the mail from GiGi :)

So the baskets came down and off we went. 

There was this note at the back door step

and even in our messy yard you could tell that there were lots of eggs!

Eggs Eggs Everywhere!!

Releasing all the babies to see the surprise. They were a little confused at first and didn't really get what was going on. But once they did, it was much more fun!  

We are reminded at different points throughout the day what a good big sister Cadence is and this experience was one of those moments. She did such a good job only getting the eggs that were high so that the younger ones could get the easier eggs. I love how thoughtful she can be with her siblings. 

Creed was so excited by the eggs that looked like basketballs and baseballs. He would just shriek over it. I wish we had captured the sound because the experience is much better with sound :)
Olivia figuring out that the eggs had candy and prizes in them made it much better in her world!

There were plenty of eggs for everyone's basket!

and then of course after the eggs were all found, they all had to be opened to see what kind of prizes we had gotten!  and no, that's not a 6th Andersen kid, we had a friend who was over and got to be a part of our egg hunt :)  We are blessed, but not that blessed!  5 Andersens kiddos are plenty for now!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Yay... so glad you shared this here. I saw the pics on Facebook and was curious. :) There is just SO stinkin' much to love about this post...

1. Your big girl's thoughtfulness... and her outfit choice. Who doesn't hunt eggs better in a fur coat and princess gown? ;)
2. Caleb Shaun's cheeky grin... and flattened faux-hawk... and how I can't help but think of his skinny baby legs when I see him climbing up the "rock wall" to get an egg.
3. Creed's oh-so-blonde hair... gets me every. time. And I SO wish you had gotten that shriek on video. Such sweet memories.
4. Olivia's sweet face... and how she makes it look like you have triplets.
5. I love seeing the way your littlest man takes in the world. I can't wait to get my hands on him.
6. Your jungle gym and swing set makes it looks like you have your own preschool in your backyard. Such a great investment of money for entertaining your family circus. Your house will always be the one other kids want to visit. :)
7. What a blessing that you have such sweet and thoughtful friends to egg your house!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

p.s. you could have made this your "B is for blessed" post and linked in with Sharon Rivers blog. :)

mama said...

Guess this is what you get for being a youth (family) pastor! Always gonna be surprises, maybe these are paybacks for all the forking you did in high school! :) Anyway I am so happy that they love you all so much, this was a terrific idea!!