Sunday, March 31, 2013

Caleb's Easter at School

The parents were invited to come to Caleb's school Easter Egg Hunt this year. So, on Thursday morning, Cadence and I headed out to watch Caleb with his classmates. 

All the little Lambs in a row heading to the egg hunt field :)

and they're off!!  Our kids are just not much into egg hunting this year. Caleb was content to walk around and watch his friends collect eggs. 

His pitiful return for all his hunting. 
After the hunt was over (like 3 minutes later) The class was headed back up for their Easter party and Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Kim said that we could come to the party. Caleb was so excited!  It is so fun to see him in a classroom environment. He did such a great job following the instructions to get on his blue mat and listen to the Easter story. 

His teachers let Cadence participate in the party!  Caleb was so proud to show off his big sister to his friends. I love that he loves her :)
and a class picture during the egg hunt. I'm so glad that Caleb loves his friends at school. 

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

I agree... it IS fun to see your boy at school. And even more fun that his big sister could join him for the party. Who cares that he wasn't into plastic eggs... he's super cute no matter what. :-)