Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Basket Fun

These first two picture obviously aren't Easter Basket pics but since they are Easter-related and another Easter post would just be ridiculous, here they are...

our attempt at a family picture :)
 and Creed on the way home from lunch after 2 Easter services- looking how we all felt!

Now the Easter baskets:  So, because our Easter Sunday are so busy, we have taken the past several years and did Easter baskets on Saturday morning instead of Sunday morning. This works out well in our world and it's not like our kids know Easter Basket protocol anyway :)
 Cadence noticed them first and had to start looking thru to see what everybody got
 our attempt at a posed picture with all 5 kids and 5 Easter Baskets - 
they're all in the picture so I think it counts :)

Everybody got a new toothbrush because our Easter Baskets are full of fun! Not really. Really they're alot of practical and things I would buy anyway for the upcoming Season and a little bit of fun. 

Alice in Wonderland socks - nothing says Easter quite like them !

 The littles all got a "shubble" for the newly replenished sand box. Creed was showing Alvin (from Alvin and the Chipmunks who is also on his new toothbrush - or "brush teeth" as we like to say around here) his new "shubble"
 Cadence liked her new sunglasses!

 actually everyone liked their new sunglasses!

Anyway, Happy Easter Y'all. 

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

You're the blogging queen!

I love Cadence's Easter dress. Make sure she knows I thought she looked really pretty in it. :-)

Creed asleep. Hilarious.... as is the picture of him with his "shubble." I love that you write out their words so I can hear them. I also love the grins on all 5 of their faces in the picture with their baskets... who cares that they're not all looking, it's a great moment and reminder of how happy they were. So fun.