Saturday, September 8, 2012

Creed is 2!

We started our day of celebrating Creed like this

From there, we waited for Daddy to get home from a meeting so that we could open presents!  Everyone tried to be really patient with all the waiting :)  and at last, it was time!

He really was excited - just on the inside :)
This precious boy LOVES some trucks and tractors!  and obviously everyone knows it because most of his presents and clothes were somehow vehicle related. and therefore, he "wuffed" all of them!

a super fun puzzle from Aunt Lisa!
New shoes from GiGi!!

A tractor from Mimi and PopPop
a big digger/bulldozer from GiGi and Poppa

Bath fun from MeMee
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Daddy especially loved the Santa sweater vest :)

How on earth did our boy get this big??

Creed had requested a tractor cake and has really been talking about it since Caleb and Cadence's birthdays a month ago. At first he thought he had to have Buzz and Woody like Caleb but once we explained that he could have ANYTHING he wanted on his cake, his most consistent answer became a tractor cake. So, thanks to google images, we pulled it off :)

I made the cake with Cadence during naptime, so when Creed woke up, he was ready to see his cake!  
Little did I know that meant he would need to taste test the cake, but he did, so we just got the camera and decided to document the fun and fix the cake. After the third fixing of the cake (Caleb thought he needed a turn to taste it too) we got smart enough to move the cake to save it for our evening fun.

After all the cake fixing. we thought maybe a distraction was necessary so out came the paints! and everyone got to paint a picture
After painting came baths/showers for everyone (because they were necessary) and the off to bowling with friends!!  It was such a fun evening because the kids really got into the bowling part. Cadence did great at it without having to use the ramp and the boys loved carrying the bowling balls up and pushing them off the ramp. Although I'm sure the bowling alley people would have loved it if we wouldn't have allowed them carry the balls because sometimes they were too heavy and would end up dropped on the floor....oops...

Nachos, Pizza and Cheerwine seemed like a perfect dinner!  and then we washed it all down with cake!

I think it was a successful cake in Creed's world :)
and everyone else's for that matter......
More bowling and hanging out with our friends. We are so grateful for the Kales and Hannah and Justin and the parts they have played in Creed's (and all the Andersens) life over this past year. We are truly blessed in the friend department!

a few presents later, and we were all done!  

It's crazy to think that our baby boy is 2, but he is!  and we are so grateful for these 2 years that we have had the opportunity to parent him and can't wait to see what the next years bring!  We are excited to see what all God does in our Creed Samuel.....

Happy Birthday Buddy!


mama said...

Adorable little guy for sure! You and Critterfer made a pretty baby boy, with God's help of course!:)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

That video was the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time. Oh my stars he had the sweetest, happiest smile. I can't believe Creed is two! He's such a cutie.

Happy Birthday Creed Samuel!