Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Grade!!

We are officially one week into First Grade! Last week we had a friend with us who hadn't started school yet so the week was a little more relaxed than our normal weeks will be. But that's OK, it helped us ease into the school year - especially with all the other transitions going on!  

So, today was our first "real" day. Cadence's teacher is Miss Weiler and we are using the Abeka curriculum again. It worked for us last year so we're hoping that this year will be equally as successful. 

The days will be longer (last year we could do it all during naptime) so we're starting around 8:30 and even with lunch and brother interruptions, we're should be finished by the time the boys get up from their naps (around 2). So, that's not awful! 

The fun of this year is that some subjects Cadence will do on the iPad! Her teaching videos stream already and to cut some of the cost, we found used teacher manuals, scanned all the pages in, took the answers out thru photoshop, and are using the now-blank pages on the iPad with a stylus for Cadence to do the work. We're actually kind of impressed with ourselves and how crafty/thrifty we are! and I am grateful for a Daddy who knew how to figure all that out so that we could be thrifty :)

Here is a video from last week of Cadence and her friend working (kind of) on their bible verses.  She's actually much better at it than the video shows...
John 3:14-19  

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Wow! That's a big chunk of scripture. :)

So impressed with your thriftiness too!