Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cadence the Dancer!

Chris has always called Cadence his "beautiful, beautiful Cadence Shae" and this past Thursday when she put on her new dance outfit, complete with bun, the saying was as true as ever. It literally made me tear up to see how big she is getting. We are so proud of the girl she is becoming and it is so fun to have a front row seat to see it all take place.

So, she got all dressed and off we went to Ms. Charity's Shuffles and Chaines. We had gone a couple of weeks ago to get her outfit and order her shoes so she was pretty excited about going back!  Cadence is in a homeschool class that meets for an hour and 15 minutes. Included in that time is a bible study/devotion, ballet and tap. We were thrilled to get there and realize there are 2 little girls in the class - and Cadence is one of them! I am so glad for the individual time and attention she will get :)

Here she is in the studio complete with her ballet slippers!

Chris took her to the class so he can have some time to study outside of the chaos of home but I did get him to take some pictures of her first time :)

He said she went thru all 5 ballet positions and did some stretching stuff during the ballet portion. 

The tap portion he likened to clydesdales stomping which made me laugh so hard! Evidently there was music playing and they would stomp in time to it. These pictures are a little clydesdale-ish! :)

We are so proud of her as she gets bigger and gets to experience all these new things. We will do this for at least this school year. One week in she's pretty excited! I'm hoping it will stick around!


The Lourceys said...

I love this. She looks so legit in that black leotard. I need to get Jane one of those.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Ha! I love Chris' comment about the Clydesdales. ;) Such a spot-on Daddy-thing to say. I'm sure they did look like that. Your girl is oh-so-cute in her leotard and bun and what a blessing to have such a focused lesson and small class. This was such a fun post to read.