Sunday, September 23, 2012

Community Helper Day

 At Caleb's preschool, last Thursday, it was community helper day. So, all the kids had been asked to dress up as some kind of community helper. Well, thankfully we have some great friends who have lots of little boy dress up stuff - because the Andersen house is pretty limited to princesses and super heroes!

So, after going thru their dress up stuff, we came up with a policeman, fireman and doctor. We brought all 3 home to see which one would fit Caleb the best for a day at school. But, the boys had to have some fun playing with their new cool dress up stuff first!  which meant the camera had to come out because this much cuteness MUST be captured for future reference.

Mooresville has no reason to doubt with the Andersen brothers taking care of stuff!

This baby's face kills me! I'm glad they have a Daddy around to do the disciplining because it doesn't happen as much as it should from me!  But who can blame me really? because that's aLOT of sweet going on!

Caleb was pretty much set from the beginning on being a DR. And who can blame him? He interacts way more with drs than he does firemen or policemen, so it only made sense :)
 Wouldn't you love to have a drumming Doctor?

and here he is all ready to go to school!!  He had lots of fun at Community Helper Day and even came home with a Dr. bag he made in his class! Who knows, maybe one day he will be Dr. Caleb.....only time will tell :)

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