Monday, October 29, 2012

Adoption/Foster Project

Since November is Adoption Awareness Month, a girl in Hardee County (where I grew up) had the idea to put together a video including everyone from the county who had been affected by foster care or adoption. Well, that is something we can TOTALLY get on board with!!  So, after lots of emails flying back and forth, a photo shoot that was a little frustrating because of our precious children, and Chris' photoshop magic, we had a picture to submit to the project!  

Here is our finished project!

And here are my sisters and parents with their adoption/foster care pictures. I am so grateful that I have siblings and parents who understand God's call to take care of others and love them well. It's funny because as many times as we hear how "lucky" a kid is to be in our home - thru foster care or adoption - there really couldn't be a less true statement. If anyone gets "lucky" when it comes to orphans, it is the people who have the privilege of taking care of them! It is absolutely life-changing in ways you'll never understand until you do it. So, if you read this blog and you haven't invested in the life of someone less fortunate than yourself, you're missing out on the entire work of the Gospel of Jesus and you should change that as quickly as you possibly can! 

Anyway enough about that and back to the pictures.......

Liz and Shannon

Mom and Dad

April and Luke

Emily and Rob

and just because we want to keep it real around here, some outtakes from the Andersen attempt at a picture. Yes friends, I took those pictures right off the wall and my genius of a husband put in the words that you see in the final product :)

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Elizabeth Bradley said...

Such a fun post. I love seeing all of our pictures posted together. I was planning to post them on Sunday with a link to the video (if she puts it on youtube).

Andersen children + outakes = amusing