Monday, August 6, 2012

At the Car Wash

When it's too hot to do anything else, desperation causes us to pull out a bucket and some soap and sponges and let the kids "wash" the car. It's wet, cheap, and provides at least 30 minutes of entertainment. So, those are all wins in our world!!  Everyone gets in on the action and for the most part they get along. More wins for the parents :)

We could only find one sponge so Cadence claimed it. Leaving the littles to use their hands....

 Creed doesn't love car washing because he has the potential to get splashed without warning - which he really doesn't love. 

Supervising from afar :)

sometimes it's just better to get in the bucket - much cooler that way!

Thank God for mop buckets and Dawn. Some days it's the perfect combination.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Ha! So fun, but I'm surprised that your biggest girl didn't decide to wear her bathing suit. Creed's hesitancy makes me smile. :)

Ashleigh said...

Liz, it's crazy to me because creed is timid about most everything!

mama said...

Wahoo, Think I will drive on up, my toyota needs a good washing! :)

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