Saturday, August 4, 2012


with our shared birthdays on August 3rd, we went into full birthday mode this week. Cadence was very set on her Rapunzel birthday while Caleb had a harder time because he wanted SpiderMan, Batman, Woody and Buzz all on his cake. We settled on Woody and Buzz and were off with the preparations! 

Cadence was supervising while I finished up Rapunzel. :)

We wanted to combine their parties this year (for the first time) and so while Daddy and I wanted to go bowling we settled on the skating rink. And it was a good choice because we had lots of fun!

Everything set up at the skating rink. 
Not too shabby for my first Barbie Doll cake!

Caleb was happy with cupcakes and sprinkles. Which I was grateful for!
 Plates and cups for pizza and Lemonade

Instead of presents we asked our friends to bring school supplies for a village school in Ethiopa. Everyone got on board and it was so fun to see chalk, colored pencils, and paper come in! 
 and the skating/falling began!  We had skated one other time this year and Cadence did such a great job picking it back up. She's a pro :)

This might be my favorite birthday picture!
 We are so grateful for all our friends who came out to skate with us. It was lots of fun!

 and after skating, pizza is definitely needed to refuel....

 and probably some cake too!!

 Happy Birthday to Cadence and Caleb!
 All the presents with presents for other kids. This makes me so happy as a mom. 
 The Andersen littles preferred the arcade to more skating....

 more skating fun!

 and once we got home and took naps, the present carnage began! They were both so excited for all their stuff. and we are so grateful for all the out-of -town people who send packages!

 and Chris and I got them this new Geo Dome. We're figuring it will grow with the littles and Cadence already loves it and can climb to the top, hang upside down, and flip off!

Happy Birthday Cadence and Caleb!!  We are so glad that you are part of our family and have so much fun being your parents. We are so excited about this next year of your lives and can't wait to see how you grow and change. We love you!!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Things I love about this post:

1. your Barbie cake. You are such a fun mom.

2. how big Shae looks standing next to her cake in the kitchen. 6 years has FLOWN by!

3. how little Caleb's legs look in those big, clunky skates

4. Creed's pacifier + skates combo

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