Sunday, April 24, 2011

Super fun Easter Weekend with Grammie/Lellow Gigi and Poppa

The Yellow GiGi and Poppa made a quick trip to NC to see all the grandbabies/Callaway kids for the weekend. The plan was for Emily and Rob to pick up GiGi and Poppa from the airport and spend a couple of days with us too but Janey was sick, and Em was sick, and so plans got changed :( But GiGi and Poppa still came and we were super glad to see them! Mom(GiGi) had sent a box earlier in the week and it happened to come in on the same day they were flying in. So, as soon as they got to our house, the box had to be opened!

3 Andersens waiting for a picture to be taken :)

GiGi and Poppa helping with the opening
They also brought a purse for Cadence that matched her Easter dress. She was pretty excited about that! Everyone also got bunnies with their names on them. The boys aren't much into bunnies - or presents for that matter - but Cadence was plenty excited!

For Good Friday, we all headed to the Callaway's house so that we could hang out with them and Mom and Dad could meet baby Garner - who I did not get one picture of the entire day.

I did get this little man who is now not the baby :( and could play in the play room with the big kids.

THe plan was to color eggs so that we could have an Easter egg hunt and make cupcakes so it was like a party. Christa bought confusing Easter Egg dye so here she is trying to figure out how to color the eggs :)

Cadence and Kagan thought they could be helpful..........

We finally figured it out and after everyone was suited up to not ruin their clothes, we were off

Caleb pretty much just ate jelly beans and marshmellows
Here are our finished eggs. Aren't they beautiful!

Next we decorated cupcakes. It's hard, serious work to decorate cupcakes!

Caleb pretty much just ate :)

We did other fun stuff but that's all the pictures I took - mostly hanging out and drumming. Either way, we're so glad that we got to spend a couple of days with GiGi and Poppa and grateful for cousins so close that we get to hang out often.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow! Seeing Creed in the playroom crawling around... he's certainly not the baby. I'm so glad I got to see and hold him when he still was the baby! What a fun treat that Mom and Dad were able to hang out with you for a couple of days. Those Easter eggs look like a lot of work. Our attempt to dye them here pretty much failed too and we had to result to food coloring... which only worked for the first few. It makes me happy to see all the eating photos of Caleb Shaun. He's gone from the boy who didn't eat to the boy who only eats!