Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring is coming.........

Spring: with lots of pollen, bees everywhere, beautiful days followed by really gross days, 80 one day and 56 the's a good season :) One of the reasons I really like Spring is because the good days are SO Good that they totally outweigh the bad ones! Chris and I went to a concert a few weeks ago and the artist said that one of his top reasons for liking spring is because it is a time of year when it is so visible that the Earth itself shouts the Resurrection Story. And it really made me think about what a true statement that is. Not only does everything come back to life and bloom again, but as I thought about it with people, it's the time of year when all the neighbors come out after being cooped up inside all winter. It's amazing to see how much everyone's kids grew or what new things they're doing now. And it's pretty amazing to think about our own kids and how they've changed over the winter. It provides me with hope that everything is truly "just a season" and that there is good and bad to come from all of them!

But speaking of new life, Garner Matthan Callaway decided to show up last weekend! He tried to beat Creed out for the weight record but didn't quite get it. Weighing in at 9 lb 7oz he's still a big boy! Christa definitely beats me tho, because she actually birthed him and I took the easy way out :) We're so excited for our new cousin!

One of the great "spring" things that we've picked up as a tradition is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. This year wasn't a great year because all 3 kids without Chris is always hard. Thankfully Karen and Garrett were there to help us out! Either way, I had to wake up both boys to go in order to be back home to teach a lesson so that didn't really help anything.

Cadence is in the bounce house - and yes she picked out her own outfit and I let her wear it to school!

Creed loved him some ice cream! Caleb Shaun did nothing picture worthy so he didn't get his taken - remember he was woken up to even go and he doesn't love ice cream so it was pretty much a bust in his world.

Spring coming means that the bikes come out! We went for a walk last Sunday all together and it was so much fun. I can't believe that we have 2 boys who can each ride in their own thing and not need to be in the stroller, but we do!
The picture of Cadence on the tricycle makes me laugh because I so remember when she could really ride the thing! Now, her legs are definitely too long but she had a good time anyway!

Caleb Shaun prefers his walker if we're going to make him walk outside and so, he gets to use it - mostly because it's super cute.

Here is a video of him with his walker outside.


Elizabeth said...

What a great post!

I loved that comment about how Earth shouts the resurrection. So true! So glad you shared.

Oh my word. Creed Samuel is precious. Just precious. And that big sister of his has the sweetest pigtails. I love that long-legged girl.

Caleb Shaun is so stinkin' adorable with his walker. I'm so glad you posted a video of him! His walker is so, so tiny next to Cadence and yet he wheels it like a madman. :)

mama said...

Love the way Caleb storms off in his walker! He will hate you one day for filming that, but so cute!!! Creed's smile is so sweet and our girl is the best big sister ever!!

See you in 6 days!

Hugs, Mama