Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Break 2011

For Spring Break this year, we did something different and went to Myrtle Beach. We stayed at this place called Compass Cove. It was a resort with lots of water stuff. lots of pools, hot tubs, a kid water area, a lazy river, and water slides. It was so much fun! A little cool, but fun. Caleb mostly liked the hot tubs but Cadence loved the pools. We pool-hopped a lot looking for just the perfect spot to swim.

THe 1st day, I took no pictures. But basically, we drove there, changed into bathing suits and spent lots of time trying to find a warm, not-so-windy place to hang out. We ended up at an indoor hot tub :) We ordered pizza for dinner and put the kids to bed. It was a good day!

The 2nd day we were there it was supposed to be really bad weather so we planned to not swim that day and instead, go to the aquarium. It ended up being a really nice day but we still went to the aquarium. Here are the kids waiting to leave for the day.
The only picture with Daddy. We were waiting on the Kales to get there so we could go in the aquarium together. The Kale "big boys" all went to the Nascar SpeedPark instead of the Aquarium ( I couldn't imagine why) and so Chris opted to go with them. So, our aquarium time was spent with Karen and Garrett.

The Ray section. You could pet them but Cadence was too scared and Caleb just wanted to splash the whole time.

We basically could have played on the slide all day and my 2 big kids would have been happy. I think it's universal that you pay money to expose your kids to something different than what they see everyday and their favorite part is the ordinary within the extraordinary.

Garrett and Cadence both liked going up into the little hump thing to look at the sharks from a different angle. I think Cadence just mostly liked talking to the other kids in there.

The Horseshoe Crabs were really cool. You could pick them up as long as they didn't have a baby with them. Only Garrett was brave enough to pick them up but Caleb touched one while Garrett held it. Cadence wouldn't have anything to do with it!
These wheels were something to do with the salination process for the aquariums. After the slide, they were the kids second favorite thing to do. Just turning wheels and climbing on big pipes............I totally don't get it.

Creed was there, he just spent most of his time like this :)

In the Dangerous Reef Tunnel. It was really cool and the sharks and turtles literally swam right over us! Cadence liked that you didn't have to walk and could ride the conveyor belt instead.

These fish were so cool. They were in the water outside of the aquarium and we fed the vanilla wafers. They really liked them!

Friday morning, our last day, turned out to be beautiful. So, we packed our stuff, loaded the car, packed a lunch, and headed to the pool. The kids had a blast playing in the water. I think we probably spent close to 4 hours swimming and eating and playing before naptime hit us hard. So, after that we changed the kids, put them in their seats and started the drive home. Cadence literally slept 3 of the 4 hours home. Creed literally slept NONE because he had taken a 2 hour nap at the pool.

This girl loves the water!
Mrs. Karen bought Cadence and Caleb an ice cream from the ice cream man. She's so nice :)

Of course Creed got in on some of the ice cream action too!

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mama said...

I think our "girl" is going to be an Olympic swimmer someday! She is a fish for sure! Glad y'all had some beach fun in NC!