Monday, December 28, 2009

We are Family

Christmas Eve is quite possibly my favorite day/night of the entire year. For as long as I can remember we have gotten together with my Mom's entire extended family for a night of fun and laughing and eating - lots of eating. So, this post is mostly just pictures of Christmas Eve and Gran and Pop's. The only picture that I would write about at all are the first 3.

Cadence's favorite and most impactful gift of the evening was given my my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Joe. If you know Cadence, you know how much she loves dolls, barbies, and princesses. Well, this gift was a combination of all 3 and was so EXCITED!! It was a Madame Alexander original doll that really shouldn't be played with at all. However, seeing Cadence's face as she opened the gift made us instantly decide that there is nothing more valuable than the looks on her face as she processed her emotions over her new baby. Seriously, all the things you envision about Christmas morning and how excited your child will be about all the thought and preparation that has gone into gifts for her came out on this doll and it was fabulous! Thanks Aunt Debbie for making Christmas come a night early for Cadence :)



mama said...

The best part about Christmas Eve is that we were all together, as loud and wild as it was!! Shae is precious, that is what Christmas is all about. Don't you know God is just as pleased when he sees our expressions of love to him!

Elizabeth said...

These pictures make me smile! I'm so glad we were able to spend Christmas together this year. Thanks for capturing in photos some of our time with Shae and Shaun. And those princess doll pictures... priceless. Just priceless.